Thursday, November 12, 2009

MisFit:Journal of Long and Short Poetry

During my long poem discussion panel at the Other Words Conference, it seemed like the major question was, where can I publish my long poem? Followed by why long poems don't work in journals along side the more popular 20 to 60 line poem.
Another panel focused on publishing opportunies for undergraduate presses, and in light of POD services, I've decided to go ahead and put out a journal for 60+ page poems. I've also decided to include SHORT poems in the journal, 7 lines or less. I think that with some line artwork to break it up, the journal might have a fun, unusual rythm.

To Submit:

Email your poems, 7 or less lines OR 60+ lines in the body of an email to editor.stringbeanpress @ gmail [dot] com

Previously published poems considered. First issue available April, 2010.

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